Must-Have Products for 6+ Months

If you follow me on instagram, chances are you know I am a bit of a baby product junkie. I love trying new things that are released and sharing my reviews with my followers. When I REALLY love a product, I’ll share it in a blog post so it’s easy for mamas to access at anytime. Because if you are an expectant parent or have little ones, you are well aware of just how overwhelming the baby product market can be. A fortune could be spent if you bought everything you are told that you need. A few months ago I shared my Must-Have Products for Newborns and since babes grow and change so quickly, so do the products that they use. I thought it would be a good time to follow up that blog post with the Must-Have Products for Babies 6 Months and up. Luca is almost 8 months now and I’m sharing the things I’ve been getting good use of for the past couple of months.


1. Nanit Plus Baby Monitor

When Luca was five months old, we finally transitioned him out of the bassinet in our bedroom and into his own crib.  It was a bit difficult for both of us, but it needed to happen.  Neither of us were getting much sleep.  Prior to the move, I never felt the need for a baby monitor because I pretty much had to be right next to Luca at all times, or else he would be crying.  So once he transitioned, I felt a little lonely and lost without my little love attached to me and I needed to find a baby monitor for his nursery.  I began researching the best baby monitor on the market.  I knew a few things I wanted and didn’t want.  I was looking for something high tech, run with an app so I could control it with my phone, and  no screen.  I previously had a video monitor for Bella that checked some of those boxes but it was glitchy and laggy. 

As soon as I came across the Nanit monitor I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  It has so many legitimately * amazing * features I don’t even know where to begin.  Let’s take it from the top- this monitor mounts to the wall (a stand is another option), for a bird’s eye view of your baby’s crib.  It’s design is white, sleek, and minimalistic so it fits seamlessly into any nursery.  The video and picture quality are HD and comparable to none.  It works harmoniously with a user-friendly app for your phone or tablet which is oh so convenient.

The Nanit has all the bells and whistles.  Firstly , it tells the exact temperature and humidity level of the room.  Gone are the days when you shine your iPhone light around your baby’s dark nursery looking for that elusive pacifier.  This monitor has a dim and discrete night light that is controlled through the app. It’s a feature I hadn’t consider a necessity but now I can’t live without.  It also has two-way audio so you can chat or sing a lullaby to soothe your sweet little angel.  The app runs on wifi but will continue working, even when wifi is down.  You can add other family members to the app so they can be kept in the loop as well.  This is particularly handy for babysitters.  Additionally, the amount of information they have access to and the length of time they are added as users can be controlled as well.  And don’t worry, the Nanit app is super secure and boasts the highest level of encryption (no IP addresses) so it is virtually impossible to be hacked.  I know that can be a worry for parents, due to the fear mongering out there.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nanit has changed the video monitor game by introducing sleep tracking with Nanit Insights.  If you are the type of person who needs to know everything (some people might call it a control freak), like I am, then this monitor will change your life.  The Nanit tells you what time your baby was put to bed, exactly what time your baby fell asleep, when they woke up, calculates their sleep efficiency, tracks how many visits the caregivers made, generates time lapsed videos of their nights, makes age-based comparisons, and gives sleep tips.  I am actually addicted to checking the monitor and insights now.  It has become a bit of an obsession.  I feel like I’m competing against myself to break Luca’s personal record and improve his sleep each night (less visits, improved sleep efficiency, more time asleep).  And I’m being honest when I say, I really do feel like the Nanit app and Insights has helped improve Luca’s sleep. 

I can’t recommend the Nanit enough. I’ve shared it plenty of times on my instagram stories and convinced my friend Jordana to carry it at Cravings Baby Boutique in Saskatoon.  So if you’re local to SK, be sure to stop by Cravings to check it out.  If not, you can order the Nanit online and they are currently running a promotion to save $50 when using the code CANADA50 at checkout.


2. DockATot Grand

Sleep is everything and pretty much all moms talk about (or the lack of it) when it comes to babies. That must be why most of the items on my must-have list are related to sleep! While we are on the topic, let’s talk about the DockATot. I included the Deluxe on my Must-Have Products for Newborns list. Luca grew accustomed to the smaller size when he was first born, and he outgrew that one when he was about six months old (although it’s labeled 0-8 months, so Luca must be a big boy). At that point we moved him into the much larger, but equally as cozy Grand size.  It’s roomy but the design keeps Luca feeling safe and secure.  The Grand fits up to 36 months, which is crazy because Bella just turned 3- but it also makes sense because she fits in it too!  It’s a cozy docking station for Luca to hang out in around the house, lounge in, and very handy for bringing with us on road trips. We made good use of the DockATot Grand while on vacation in California earlier this year, as it gave us a clean place to set Luca down when we didn’t have our usual arsenal of baby bouncers, seats and chairs. Unfortunately, DockATots are not currently being sold in Canada, so I had ours shipped to a US address.


3. Grobag

The baby product industry is one of the fastest growing industries right now. Everyday it seems a new product is being introduced. I like to stay on top of these things; however, some products remain strong and can’t be beaten- like the Grobag. Grobags have been around since the year 2000.  I first grew to love Grobags when Bella was 4 months old and we transitioned her out of a swaddle and into a sleep sack. Again, I did my research to find a soft, comfortable, and breathable sleep sack, which is how I discovered the Grobag. We purchased several sizes for Bella, and when I was expecting Luca we stocked up again!  I included the newborn version- The Grosnug- on my Newborn Must-Haves and now that he’s outgrown that, he’s sleeping in his Rainy Days Grobag in size 6-18 months. The zipper makes for a quick, easy, and secure closure, which is covered by a guard to prevent rubbing. The jacquard fabric is like none other, creating a cushioned, pillow like cloud for your precious baby to drift off in.  In Saskatoon, Grobags are available at Cravings. You can also order online through Oyaco.


4. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

When babies aren’t sleeping, they are eating! Solids should be introduced at 6 months, so before that happens, it’s time to select a high chair! In case you didn’t already know, I am a speech-language pathologist and specialize in paediatric feeding and swallowing. I have attended advanced training to become specialized in this area. At one of the conferences I attended, a leader in the field recommended the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair for it’s ability to posture children ideally for feeding, providing back and foot stability, so they feel comfortable and are able focus their attention on developing their feeding skills.  The reasons to love this chair don’t stop there. The Tripp Trapp grows with your child and adjusts to fit up to a 242lb adult! It comes in so many beautiful colours and a variety of accessories are available including a newborn set so little ones can join their families at the dining table, a baby set and cushion, and a tray. We also have the EZ PZ suction mat for the tray. I chose the white high chair, with white baby set, grey star cushion, and white tray.  Luca seems relaxed. comfortable and happy in his Tripp Trapp- he never complains!  I’m so happy we upgraded from our old plastic high chair to this!  The Tripp Trapp is another iconic baby product that has been around since 1972 and will never go out of style! 


I tried to keep this list condensed to the top 4 must have products, but there are so many more baby products I love for 6 months and up, so I made a list to share with you on my Amazon Storefront. I included nursery items like my favourite diaper pail (now that those baby food poops are coming) and humidifier, baby carrier for bigger babes, feeding accessories, bath accessories, exersaucers, and toys

I hope you found my blog post and list helpful, as navigating the baby market can be quite tricky! Feel free to reach out to me through the comments or on Instagram if you have any baby product questions- I’m always happy to chat! 

xo KK