Easter Basket Ideas

It’s two weeks until Easter- one of my favourite holidays! The sunshine, the thaw, the warming weather, all of these things get me excited for Easter! In the past, I’ve loved putting together Easter baskets for Bella and my husband, and this year I was even more excited for Luca to get in on it too! I got in the spirit of Easter earlier than usual this season. When we were down in California on vacation, I frequented Target (naturally), where they had the cutest Easter decor and Easter basket ideas. I picked up a few things (what I could manage to squeeze into my luggage) and did the rest of my shopping once we returned home. I found a good mix of local, handmade items, a few sweet treats, as well as some fun, sugar free items like books and toys. If you have little ones, keep reading for some Easter basket inspiration beyond chocolate mini eggs!

Bella’s Basket


I found both the kid’s adorable felt Easter baskets at Homesense. They also had ones I loved with pom poms but they were quite feminine and I liked how this set had a ‘girly’ basket and a ‘boyish’ one. I sourced the matte easter grass at Michaels- I was looking for something that wasn't the traditional shiny, plastic, shredded paper. The iridescent pastel eggs were also a Michael’s score. I got everything at 50% off but even 3 weeks before Easter- everything was pretty picked over and there wasn’t much selection! You guys are on top of things!


Bella adores her accessories and I couldn’t pass up this Pink Floral Sailor Bow by local love Little Luba’s spring collection. Although I like Bella’s hair in a pony, lately she requests “just a clip,” so I figured we could both agree on this sweet bow.

When I spotted this adorable Parkland Sweet Sixteen Backpack in quartz on their website, I had to ‘add to cart.’ I wasn’t sure if it would be for me, or for Bella when I ordered it. I just knew it had to come home with us. When it arrived, it was a bit smaller than I had envisioned so I decided it would be perfect for my little Bella Bean. I can’t wait to see her rock this backpack (and carry her own stuff :). Not only does Parkland have the most stylish bags, but I love them even more because all of their products are made of 100% recycled water bottles.

When in doubt, always add a Jellycat Bunny. We are growing quite the collection of these perfect, plush rabbits, and what’s one more? These are an easy baby shower, first birthday, or Easter present.

The bunny cotton candy  was a Target find and too festive to say no to. But I just know I won’t let her eat alllll of it. Sorry Bella.

Here is a fun little idea to add to your budding botanist’s basket (say that five times fast)- some seeds to plant in the garden together! This Strawberry plant growing kit will give us an activity to do together, teach her about plant life, and the most fun will be watching it grow (provided it doesn’t die lol).


Although she doesn’t get it often, Bella loves her candy. I try to find a happy medium between not allowing it and giving it to her all the time. Holidays are one of those times where I’m more lenient. One of my favourite influencers, Hollie Woodward, posted that this Bunny Bait from Target is to-die for so I had to pick some up. And it’s taking everything I have to not break into this. Give me strength to last two more weeks lol.

Bella doesn’t have any Hatchimals yet, but she loves tiny little toys as well as Barbies so I figured she would be all over this Mini Hatchimal Egg and Barbie Kinder Surprise. P.S. how does one keep all these tiny pieces out of reach of younger siblings once they start crawling?! Already worrying about that…

And lastly for the treats, I had to snag these Princess Goldfish Crackers when I spotted them. My girl is obsessed with Goldfish + Princesses. When two worlds collide ;)


If this Pastel Yellow Tie-On Headwrap by Little Luba doesn’t scream spring time, then I don’t know what does! It’s sweet, simple, and soft. I can’t wait to pair it with Bella’s floral Easter dress. I know she’s going to want to try it on as soon as she finds her Easter basket! I am loving so many things from Little Luba’s new spring line! Definitely check them out- I know you’ll find some pieces to add to your little one’s baskets!

One thing that I like to do to get excited for approaching seasons and holidays, is read themed books with my kids. You’re my Little Chickadee is a favourite around here. I’ve linked a few more of our go-to Easter/ spring books in my Amazon storefront.

This Fuzzy Plush Chick needed a good home so I brought him home with us.


As I already mention, Bella’s ‘thing’ is Barbies. And I’m not mad at it. These dolls have come along way since I was little; they come in all shapes and sizes, careers, and skin tones. Plus they keep her entertained for hours on the daily. That’s why I know this Tianna Princess and the Frog Barbie Doll is a good investment. Boo boo almost already has all the princess Barbies, but not Tianna so I had to grab her.

Finally, Princess Bella loves a good mani/pedi so I got her this springy lavender nail polish when I was in for my most recent pedicure at Sage- The Beauty Bar. I see many smeared purple nails in her future.

And that’s the round up for my about-to-be three-year-old!

Luca’s Basket


Luca is 6 months old and admittedly harder to buy for than his sister (is this just because he’s a baby? or will it always be this way because he’s a boy??). I had to do some thinking when it came to what to fill his little basket with, but I came up with some pretty fun ideas!


The star of the show is definitely his custom name puzzle by local maker Saskatoon Chic. If you recall, my friends at Saskatoon Chic also made Luca’s name sign for his nursery, which I am still obsessed with, so I had to have them make him a matching name puzzle as well! And I love how it turned out!! Elyse suggested hardwood letters (rather than colour), because he’s at that stage where everything goes in his mouth, and i’m so glad she did! We will likely keep his puzzle displayed on his shelves in his room when he’s not playing with it. I feel like it’s one part toy and one part decor. Multi purpose puzzle :) Check out Saskatoon Chic to order your own custom puzzle or sign!


Aside from some blonde peach fuzz, Luca’s head is basically bald. He also has quite a large noggin, so most of his winter hats are now too small or too heavy. That’s why we were in the market for some new spring hats and I found our new favourite! Beck and Bean’s slouchy beanie is just Luca’s style; it’s streamline, well made, and neutral. And it looks SO cute on him. He instantly looks cooler and like he might be in a band. Yes, I’ve already tried it on him- don’t worry, he has a poor memory. He’ll still be excited on Easter morning.

It’s not just Luca’s head that is growing at a rapid pace, it’s also his feet (oh, and the rest of his body). Man babies grow fast! Little man needed some new footwear and I was looking for shoes that will pair with the rest of his wardrobe and are durable so they will hold up with daily wear throughout the spring and summer. These Lux and Dae Alex mocs check all the boxes. They are handmade in Saskatchewan, with the softest, buttery leather, and the three tones ensure they will coordinate with everything in Luca’s closet. Lux and Dae’s store re-opens April 22nd so mark your calendars mamas!


Some of my favourite pieces in Luca’s capsule are by Little Luba, and these Charcoal Stripe Shorties are no exception. Aside from stretchy, comfortable material, the fit is like none other. You HAVE TO see Luca’s many thigh rolls in these shorties. TO DIE FOR. Is there anything better than baby rolls?! I can’t wait to pair these shorts with a white tank, denim shirt, and straw fedora. Side note- how well do the mocs and shorts coordinate? Hello SS19 capsule wardrobe.


TubbaWubba (one of Luca’s many nicknames) recently started eating solid foods and will soon be ready to graduate to dissolvables, like these Gerber Puffs. Baby’s version of a treat :)

I grew up with my own Pat the Bunny book, which we still have, but it is in very poor condition. I can remember reading it as a child and thinking how cool it was to interact with the book. When I recently found a new copy of the book, I had to get it to replace my old one, and share it with my kids. It’s perfect for little ones to touch and feel.


Our kids already have TOO MANY TOYS and I hate the feeling of having too much stuff and not enough space, buuuut we don’t have any finger puppets yet, so I added these Happy Spring Finger Puppets to our collection. I think Luca will find them entertaining, chewable, and they can be used in the bath so they are multi purpose (I can justify any purchase).

I hope this blog post gave you guys some unique Easter basket ideas you may not have otherwise thought of. In case you are looking for even more ideas, I created a list on Amazon of a few more Easter basket gifts, so please check it out!

Happy Easter babes!

Xo Kk