End of Summer Bucket List

I don't even want to speak it, put it out there in the universe, but summer is winding down and will soon be over.  I know everyone seems to love fall, but summer time is my jam and I'm always sad to see it go. So I've made a summer bucket list of a few things I want to do before the leaves start to fall.


1. Go to the Saskatoon Exhibition

Are you one of those people who add things to their list, just to be able to cross them off? Guilty as charged. It gives a sense of accomplishment.  So the first thing on my list is- attend our local fair.  We went this past weekend with our friends and it was a blast (as always). Now that our girls are 2 years old, they are finally tall enough to ride some of the rides which was so entertaining.  My daughter is the hype girl who wants everyone around her to be excited. She kept saying "this is so fun Coco," over and over to her bestie, who is more of an observer. Hilarious.  Being 8 months pregnant I couldn't ride any rides this year (except the merry go round), so I got my fix in by eating all of the food; corn dogs, burritos, mexi fries, spud nuts, lemonade, and elephant ears. I don't know why I've gained more weight this pregnancy than last time??

IMG_5249 2.JPG

2. Head to Pike Lake for the Day

Something we like to do once a summer, is head out to Pike Lake.  It's such a quick drive, and there's so much to do! Top of the list is the outdoor waterpark, but there's also a lake where you can rent a canoe and go for a tour.  I like stopping by the concession for a cold treat. We haven't yet, but there are also BBQs for a weiner roast or smores!  


3. Go to Earl's Patio

Might seem random, but this is one of my favourite patios in the city! I love the location and all the greenery that makes you feel like you've escaped downtown.  I've also been craving a few of their menu items and haven't been lately, so it's on my list to make it to Earl's before patio season comes to a close.  I'll have to wait another few weeks to try one my favourite cocktails though (Paloma, Grapefruit Margarita, Sangria to name a few).


4. Have a Backyard BBQ

Every year when summer kicks off, I always plan to host a few backyard barbecues.  And we usually do.  My husband has built a beautiful deck, pergola, and landscaped our yard (under my direction of course ;), and we love to spend as much time back there as possible.  Somehow this summer is escaping us and we have yet to host our friends over for a BBQ.  Kids playing on the swing set, in the playhouse, sandbox, and water table, while we sit around the fire, eating and drinking- I have a vision in my head.  Now we just need to pick a date and make it happen.  You in?


5. Firework's Festival

Nutrien's Fireworks Festival is always something we try to make it to, although sometimes we are out of town for September long weekend (it's on Aug 31st & September 1st). I'm usually a stickler for sticking to bedtime routines, but I'll make an exception to go to the Fireworks Festival. It's a world class annual event, down at river landing with a spectacular and impressive light show.  One time we brought our small dog who is scared of loud noises (this was before we had kids and used to bring Chanel everywhere). I would not recommend doing that.  She was having a panic attack and passerbys were saying "oh that poor dog."  Whoops. Live and learn.  Fingers crossed I can cross this one off my bucket list again this year!


What's on your end of summer bucket list? What do I need to add to mine? Leave a comment below to let me know! Stay tuned for my to do list before baby comes! 


Thanks to my husband, Garrett Kendel Photography, for capturing these photos! I wish we would have got some of us 3 (and a half ;)

Xo Kk