Holiday Home Tour

Since I was a little girl, I’ve absolutely loved decorating our home for Christmas. I would beg my mom to bring out our decorations and get so excited when she finally did! Even though my childhood home was pretty decked out for the holidays, I remember telling myself as a little girl that when I had my own home, I would go all out with decorations.

Flash forward to becoming a home owner three years ago and having to purchase all new furniture and decor, and realizing how much everything costs (a lot). So I’ve slowly been building our collection of holiday decorations each year. I try to only buy things that I absolutely love and I have actually found quite a few this year, so I thought I would give you a little holiday home tour! I teamed up with five other bloggers who are also doing home tours, who I’ve linked at the end of this post, so you can check them out too!

The Entryway


The entryway to our humble abode is a fun place to welcome our guests and set the holiday mood. In addition to a white wood wreath on our front door (not pictured), I also topped our mirror with some live pine from Bill’s House of Flowers (I bought a bundle for $12 and it was enough to use throughout the house). It smells like Christmas and is an inexpensive way to add holiday cheer to the home. The fur cushion, metallic cushion and fur throw add a wintery vibe to our bench. The garland on our banister I picked up from Homesense a few years ago, and I love how it’s flocked and has pinecones and Christmas balls incorporated into it. The white fur stockings were also a Homesense find; you’ll see this is a common theme around here ;)

The Living Area


Our living area is where we set up our main Christmas tree. This one is a 7.5 foot artificial tree we purchased from Costco last year and it looks quite realistic. Our theme is mostly white ornaments that I’ve collected from a variety of places over the years. I’m drawn to anything with fur or fuzz of any kind so you’ll find a lot of that on the tree :) A new addition to the tree this year is the white snowball pom pom garland from Canadian Tire, which was just what the tree needed!


Not only are most nice wreaths pricey, I couldn’t find a wreath that was exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to DIY it. I found some minimalistic wreaths on Pinterest and hit up Michaels to get some supplies; embroidery hoops, faux greenery, and wire was all I needed. Then I called over my best friend and crafter Desiree (surprising as it may be, I am NOT crafty), and put her to work. I had the vision and provided direction and she went to work and made it happen. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I had also wanted to make a wreath for over the kitchen sink but we ran out of greenery so I’ll have to tackle that next year.


The coffee table got a festive boost with this wood wick Ebony & Ivory candle that I picked up locally from All the Pretty Things. It makes our entire home smell like all the best Christmas smells (pine, spice, brown sugar, and vanilla). Then I added a simple vase with fresh pine to finish it off.

DSC09057 2.JPG

One of my favourite finds this season, are these chunky knit sweater trees! I found them at Winners and new they would fit in with our home decor perfectly. Don’t you love when that happens? They are sitting on top of our toy storage cabinet, which is decorated with some pretty twinkle lights.

The Kitchen


I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to home decor, which sometimes makes it tricky when looking for Christmas decorations (I don’t care what anyone says, white is a Christmas color). So when I couldn’t find a Christmas centrepiece for our kitchen island, I decided to create a simple live pine arrangement in a glass vase. Economical, simple, and festive.


For our dining table, I also went for the less is more approach. I found this ‘real look’ garland at Winners (it’s artificial but could be mistaken for real), which was the perfect size for our table. Then I added some gold, silver, and white pinecones which smell amazing. Next year I may add a simple table runner and possibly some twinkle lights but one thing at a time, right?!


Can’t forget our tiny diner’s little table (also from Homesense), featuring our gingerbread house and plate and cup for Santa’s milk and cookies.


The Fireplace


We are in the process of developing our formerly unfinished basement and it has been so fun to design a space from scratch ourselves! My favourite is the fireplace, which really makes me wish we had one on the main floor of our home as well but I’ll settle for this! Pre-lit eucalyptus garland was a Canadian Tire find (side note, they have the best Christmas decor!). Pom pom snowball garland was purchased at Michaels, and the stockings are from Winners.


Luca’s Bedroom


Little Luca’s nursery is one of my favourite rooms in the house, and even though he’s not sleeping in there yet, we still spend a great deal of time in there changing, dressing, rocking, and reading, so it got a holiday makeover too! See his nursery reveal blog post for sourcing on everything featured!


More live pine branches over his mirror and I swapped out his usual dried eucalyptus for some pine as well.


This knit wooden Christmas tree couldn’t be more perfect for his room, in fact I’ll be sad to pack it up when the holiday season is over. That was found at Winners this year as well. The little pinecone wreath on his window was only $4 from Dollarama!


Our daughter has her own Christmas tree in her room, so I figured I’d be proactive and prevent a future fight from breaking out and get Luca his own tree this year. This cute little flocked tree with a fur and burlap base was screaming Luca’s name when I spotted it at Marshalls so I just had to bring it home with me.


Given that this is Luca’s first Christmas, his tree is still pretty bare but I know he will collect more than enough ornaments over time so I’m not rushing to fill it. Luca has a cactus and llama theme happening in his room so I was thrilled to score these llama decorations at Marshalls as well.

Bella’s Bedroom


Our sweet little Bella Rose has a room fit for a princess. She recently traded in her crib for a big girl bed and couldn’t be more proud of her new territory. She loves her bed and is pretty pleased with her little stocking waiting to be filled at the foot of it.

Now that she’s proven she’s safe and sound in her bed and not falling out, we recently included a nightstand. For a touch of Christmas I added, you guessed it, more fresh pine!


I tend to manifest things into happening. For Bella’s first Christmas I remember saying “I wish I could find Bella a little pink flocked tree for her room, that isn’t super expensive.” Cut to a few days later, I happen to be the first person to see a small, pink, flocked tree being posted on our local Buy & Sell page for like $25! Such a score. It’s pre-lit and fits in her room perfectly.


One of the best things about kids having their own Christmas trees is that it’s a place to hide all the colourful ornaments that don’t match with your main Christmas tree. It may sound harsh but she’s pretty happy to have them! She loves undressing and redecorating her tree several times per day. Pom pom garland is from Michaels.


Is it even a blogger’s holiday home tour if there aren’t bottle brush trees?? I had to hop on the bandwagon when I found these dusty rose ones at Winners. They fit right in in Bella’s room, and compliment her pink, glittery Nutcracker from Michaels.


While I had my friend Desiree hostage over here making wreaths for me, I had her make this pretty glittery, pearl sage wreath for Bella’s room as well. I had purchased some pom poms and unicorns for the wreath too, but decided I liked the clean simplicity of the greenery as is. Just don’t tell Bella it could have had unicorns and pom poms haha.

And that’s pretty much a wrap on our holiday home tour! I didn’t do much in our master bedroom for holiday decorating, but I plan on sprucing it up next year so stay tuned for the next 365 days ;)

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If you have any questions about sourcing products in my photos, comment below and I will be sure to respond!

Xo Kk