My Holiday Jewellery Wishlist

I’m making a (wish) list, and checking it twice… That’s how the song goes, right? I’m the queen of making lists; to do lists, honey do lists, bucket lists- you name it, I’ll list it. Throughout the year I keep a list of gift ideas for friends and family members, when an idea pops into my head I write it down. That way when December arrives, I’m not scrambling to figure out what to get for everyone. I also like to keep a holiday wish list of what I’m hoping for, so when someone (mainly my hubby) asks me what I want, I have a few ideas to give them!

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As I near the end of my 20’s (it pains me to type that), I find myself gravitating towards wanting one or two ‘bigger’ items for Christmas, rather than a bunch of little things. I usually have a few quality items that I've been longing for on my list. I am also reaching for more quality, timeless pieces and less fast fashion or ‘disposable’ items as of late. 

On my holiday wish list this year is a beautiful piece of jewellery. I stopped by Paris Jewellersin Lawson Heights Mall in Saskatoon to get some inspiration. It was a little too easy to find pieces to add to my list. I eventually narrowed it down to seven items that I would be over the moon to open on Christmas morning. 

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Let’s take it from the top! The first item that I chose was an easy pick- these classic 10KT Gold 4cm Hoop Earrings. I’ve always wanted a pair of good quality hoops. I’ve had a few inexpensive pairs that always end up getting bent out of shape and tarnishing. I feel like I would wear them on the daily, even if Regina George says they are “her thing”. They never seem to go out of style so they could be kept forever!

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The only thing better than one pair of gorgeous earrings is two! I have two ear piercings in each ear, which I did so I could keep a pair of diamond studs in the second piercing. I cannot think of a more perfect gift for almost any lucky lady, than a pair of Gold 0.75 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings. These are the perfect size to rock everyday, all day. I would never take these off if I was lucky enough to have them in my collection.

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I have really been into yellow gold over the past few months. When I was younger it was all about silver, then last year I went through a rose gold stage, and now it’s all about yellow gold. I love layering necklaces lately and this Yellow Gold Diamond Geometric V Pendant would fit perfectly into my rotation. I have been wearing two or three necklaces of different lengths and am loving that look. 

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Speaking of layering, my favourite jewellery trend as of late is stacking rings. A hand of three or four delicate rings always catches my eye. I also feel like I want precious metals/ real gold as I get older. I love my wedding band and engagement ring and it just doesn’t feel right to surround expensive pieces of jewellery with rings that aren’t of the same caliber. It was a breeze finding rings to stack on one hand at Paris Jewellers, in fact, the hard part was narrowing it down to just three. Eventually I settled on this 10KT Yellow Gold .10CTW Stackable Geometric Ring- which complimented the pendant necklace I chose nicely. I have been seeing this geometric trend everywhere and love the negative space it creates on my hand. 

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Next, I chose this unique 10KT Yellow Gold Diamond Leaf Ring. I haven’t seen a ring quite like this before; the leaves give an artisan/ handmade feel to it. I feel like this is a definitely a conversation piece that is sure to get noticed wherever you go! I just couldn’t ‘leave’ the store without it ;) 

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And last but not least for rings is this Gold Diamond Anniversary Band. Ever since our first wedding anniversary (we celebrated our fourth this past summer), I’ve been dropping hints for an anniversary band. I would love another ring to stack on top of my engagement ring and have the option to wear on its own, perhaps even on my right hand. This band would be perfect for layering; in a smaller size it would make a marvellous midi ring as well. On their own or stacked together, these three rings are gorgeous, on trend, and a fool proof Christmas gift for a lucky lady.

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And finally, I needed a bracelet to add some shine to my wrist and to complete my holiday wish list. This Gold Fang bracelet was calling my name the moment I laid eyes on it. Its unique pattern stood out among the rest and I just had to try it on. I’m always looking for pieces that are a bit different and ‘one of a kind,’ and this one definitely checks those boxes. I wouldn’t be upset if I opened this on Christmas morning. 

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If you too are wanting to add a special item to your holiday wish list, check out one of Paris Jewellers locations. In Saskatoon, you can find them at Lawson Heights Mall or stay home and stay cozy by shopping it’s online store. Which piece is your favourite?

Thank you to my ride or die photographer/husband Garrett Kendel for the photos. 

Happy Holidays Lovelies!

Xo Kk