Summer Maternity Style

When I was pregnant the last time (with my daughter), I was pregnant throughout the entire winter and she was born at the beginning of May, right before the hot Saskatchewan summer arrived. I lived in leggings, boots, and over-sized sweaters. I barely had to purchase any 'maternity' clothes, as I could still fit into most of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.


Fast forward to three years later, and here I am in an above-average temperature summer, swelling up at a rapid pace.  Pretty much NONE of my existing wardrobe fits me and I can't fathom wearing pants in this heat.  I definitely grew earlier on in this pregnancy than I did last time, so that is not working in my favour either.  


Side note- don't let that little intro get you wrong, I am extremely grateful to be pregnant and for the most part, I'm staying positive. I realize how blessed I am to be a mom to a healthy two year old, with another little guy on the way. 


So as I was saying... I'm not due until the end of September, which I only now am realizing was probably the worst time of year to be pregnant.  All summer I'm at my largest and then right when baby comes, poof summer is over and colder temperatures commence.  Wait... wasn't I trying to be positive ;) 


The two main styles I've been rocking through the summer are dresses and rompers.  I feel most comfortable and unrestricted in one-pieces.  Short or long, I've been loving both.  There is something so effortless about throwing on a single item of clothing and being ready for the day.  


At work, I often throw a kimono or blazer over a stretchy maxi or midi length dress.  Quick and easy.  Then as soon as the clock hits 4pm and I'm off work, the blazer is removed and I feel like I can somewhat breathe again.  Then it's home to throw on one of my 'house dresses.' Not something you will ever see me post, but if you know where I live and drive by my house, you might just catch me watering my flowers in said house dress.  I apologize in advance. 


On weekends and when I'm not in the office, you can catch me in short rompers and spandex mini dresses.  I already owned a few pieces that I am still making use of, as well as adding in some new items.  Since higher waist shorts are in, none of those are fitting me right now, but I'm happy to stick to dresses. 


I knew this Pink Plaid Overall Dress from Pink Blush would be a summer maternity staple in my wardrobe as soon as I saw it.  It's light weight, cute, comfortable, and an easy piece to add into your rotation.  I did get mine hemmed a bit as it was a tad long for me (I'm 5'3"). I ordered a size small and there is still tons of room to grow (hopefully I won't need it)!  I find Pink Blush clothes are quite generous in their sizing.  

8 more weeks to go!