Kiki, I Love You

I’ve been working with one of my favourite local restaurants, Una Pizza, for about a year now as a brand ambassador. I love their menu, design, emphasis on local, and the people behind the pizzeria, so I was ecstatic when they reached out to me. One of the ambassador perks mentioned was creating a personalized menu option and I was so excited for that part! It took some time to design and to wait for the right time to release it, but my ‘Kiki Flatbread’ is finally here!


When my custom feature was first in the works, I mentioned it to a few close friends and the next thing I knew, word got out. My coworkers especially loved ‘asking’ about my flatbread. Somehow the whole thing snowballed and it became a joke that it was going to be in the shape of my butt (rest assured, it is not).


I worked with the team at Una, to combine a few of my favourite ingredients into one delicious flatbread pizza. Somehow all our ideas came together to create the most mouth watering flatbread pizza I have ever tasted! I kid you not.


If you’re wondering where the name ‘The Kiki’ came from… it is a nickname that some of my nieces and nephews call me (short for Kelsi). I thought it had a nice, catchy ring to it… more so than “The Kelsi.” Plus, everyone was recently talking about “Kiki,” thanks to Drake’s mention of her in his song “In My Feelings” (“Kiki, do you love me?). No, I’m not the Kiki from the song, but I do love you Drizzy.


So I’m sure you’re wondering- what’s on The Kiki?? Well, let me tell you. It starts with a crispy flatbread crust, cut rectangular (perfect for sharing- or not). The crust is coated in a flavourful garlic confit base, and topped with roasted local sungold tomatoes, crispy prosciutto, fresh chevre, spicy arugula, and finished with Grana Padano and just the right amount of balsamic glaze. The combination of flavours is out of this world.

You may think I’m biased, because well, I created it, buuuuut, I have had several people I don’t even know, tell me how much they love The Kiki. I’ve had it twice now, and our lovely server last night told me it’s been one of their most popular feature items!


The best part of The Kiki is that all the proceeds from the sales are going to the charity of my choice- The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital! This place is near and dear to my heart for many reasons, and is where I will be returning to work after maternity leave. The Kiki is only available until September 20th so go get it this week! And tag me on instagram @kelsikendel when you do!

Thanks for your support,

Xo Kk