Traveling with a Toddler

One of the topics I’ve been getting asked  about a lot lately is traveling with kids! And I get it- I mean, I was intimated by the thought of flying with a five month old and two year old. But now that I’ve done it, I’m here to share my expertise with you. Keep reading to find out what worked and what didn’t...  


First things first. When it comes to travel essentials for a toddler, it’s all about the carryon. We packed Bella’s clothes into a shared suitcase that we checked, so that her carryon bag could be filled solely with things to keep her happy on the plane.  


 When selecting a piece of carryon luggage for your toddler, there are a few key boxes you want to check. You want something that is big enough to fit everything they need, but small enough that they are able to manage it themselves. Wheels definitely help little ones navigate their bags, and it’s a bonus if they can ride on it too! Lastly, your tot is going to be way more motivated to ‘be in charge’ of their carryon if it’s something that they are excited by and that appeals to them. 


With these things in mind, I set off on a quest to select the perfect carryon for Bella and I definitely succeeded! After much research, I was so happy to discover the JetKids BedBox by Stokke. It’s a ride on, sleep on, and carryon- all in one! Tell you more? Ok!


This carryon sized suitcase is just the right size to fit all your little’s essentials. Once you are at the airport, your child can easily pull the BedBox themselves, thanks to the swivel wheels OR they can take a seat on it and have you pull them along for a ride! This is probably the most fun for your little! 

Once you’re on the plane, the BedBox easily converts from a suitcase to a bed in a few simple steps.  The lid lengthens the seat, and gives your little love a place to rest her legs, while the mattress and side panels make it extra cozy and comfortable. This is probably the most fun for YOU! ;) 


We kept the BedBox and everything inside of it a complete surprise, so that Bella would be extra excited on the morning we left for our trip. And it was definitely a hit! Keep reading for all the details of what we packed! 


Let’s start with the basics- a soft blanket and neck pillow is a necessity. This Lug Nap Sac was the perfect size for Bella Bean and didn’t take up too much space in her suitcase. Eye mask optional (she wouldn’t use it)!  


Next up, the necessities. An iPad, handy case, and kid safe headphones. Our tot doesn’t get her iPad often, so when she does, it’s definitely a novelty item. My husband loaded it up with the digital copies of all her favourite Disney movies, as well as a few educational apps. It kept her occupied for a good length of time. We ordered her this case from Amazon, which I would recommend. It was soft, lightweight, had a handle for easy carrying, and could stand the iPad up for viewing. The Buddy Headphones were also a worthwhile purchase. They are adjustable and fit Bella well, have a volume control (including a setting for airplanes), so I know she isn’t damaging her hearing, and they are durable enough to withstand a toddler.


A highlight of the flight for Bella, was opening up her BedBox to discover new toys she had never seen before! She was most excited about these Busy Boxes, which are adorable, tiny, handmade boxes of toys and games which are designed to keep your little one busy! We already have several Busy Boxes that Bella loves, but getting new ones is of course exciting! I especially love supporting this small shop, as Jenna, the owner, is a local Saskatoon high school student who is so sweet.  We played magnet go fish together, and Bella had fun playing with her sea creatures and unicorns. I love that they come in a tiny little tin for storage and it doesn’t take up precious space in the carryon! 


I also picked up a few items from Dollarama to keep Bella entertained. A Disney Princess Activity Tube that included some stickers, crayons, markers, and colouring pages. She had fun with these for awhile, but without somewhere to store all the parts, it quickly became a bit of a job to contain the little pieces and I found myself bending down looking for things that had fallen more than I would have liked. Probably wouldn’t pick up something like this next time! I would likely opt for a Melissa and Doug Water Wow instead. The Frozen book set was nice to have to take a break from the iPad. 


And lastly, you are going to need snacks! The pretzels and cookies likely aren’t going to cut it, so you better come prepared! We brought Bella’s lunchkit, and filled it with a few items, some of which to use as rewards if needed. To be honest, when we were leaving for our trip, we didn’t have a lot of food left in the house so it was slim pickins LOL. I would suggest something nutritious and filling, as well as a few bribes (candy). We also brought her Skip Hop water bottle to avoid an inevitable spill from the plastic airline cups. Just be sure it’s empty when going through security. I can tell you firsthand how annoying it is to go dump out. Finally, a little bottle of hand sanitizer and I think that’s everything! We also had diaper wipes packed in Luca’s diaper bag carryon and that may have been the only thing not pictured that we needed for Bella!


I really felt like we had everything we needed for her! I spent a good deal of time researching beforehand so the only changes I would have made was a different activity book and left the eye mask at home.


I can’t say enough good things about the JetKids BedBox. It is sleek, stylish, and oh so functional. We ordered the Green Aurora which I love, because I figure we will pass it onto Luca one day, but it also comes in a gorgeous Pink Lemonade Color and Blue Sky. 


Check out my Must-Have Travel Item List on my Amazon Storefront for more ideas!

I hope you find this blog helpful when planning your travels! Is there anything I’m missing that you swear by? 

Happy Travels!  

xo KK