What’s in my Diaper Bag

Babies are sooo tiny but somehow they require sooo many things! You just can’t leave the house without being prepared for anything- a hungry baby, a blow out, a spit up that ruined an outfit… the list goes on. So having an organized and well stocked diaper bag is key. It took me a few excursions to figure out just what I needed to have on hand and now I feel like I’ve got it down pat and need to share my experienced mama tips with you!


To start, you’re going to need a spacious, functional, yet cute bag to store all your goods. I have several styles of diaper bags, but a backpack is my current fav. Maybe it’s because I have two kids now, there is just NO chance I have a free arm/hand to hold a bag. Another check box is a neutral bag that my husband is cool with carrying also. The diaper bag that has everything and more that I was looking for is the Axis Backpack by Petunia Picklebottom, which I ordered from Chotobaby.


The Axis comes in so many cute colorways it was hard to decide, but I went with birch (caramel and graphite were also front runners). When I ordered it online, I didn’t realize the texture of the bag but I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It’s an easy to clean, wipeable, glazed canvas with genuine leather trim. This means the bag is going to hold up well and stay looking good as new.


Another feature I like about the axis backpack is that it has separated top and bottom compartments. I use the bottom compartment along with the intermix system to keep all of my diapering essentials organized. It’s handy because the 3 in 1 intermix organization grid caddy can be taken out for quick diaper changes. It holds all of Luca’s diapers, diaper genie bags (to dispose of soiled diapers), as well as 2 packing pixels to keep soothers clean and safe, and my little products (like diaper cream, hand sanitizer, and lipstick) in one spot so they are easy to find. The bottom section is insulated, so also perfect for storing snacks or breastmilk! I like to keep at least five diapers in my bag- Luca just moved into size 1 diapers and right now we are using Kirkland brand. I’m always switching diaper creams and we are currently using Live Clean ointment. Hand sanitizer is also a must have in the diaper bag. I like this lavender spray sanitizer. And just in case you were curious, my lipgloss is MAC in the color Snob ;)


The top section is quite roomy and has five interior pockets. This is where I keep the washable change pad and wipes case that are included with the bag, as well as everything else. Typically this includes a change of clothes in case of diaper explosion- cute crown shirt by Pehr from Indigo (a gift from my friends Allie and Lindsay), and adorable baby harem pants by local designer Laurie Brown (a gift from my friend Erin), Booby Trapper breastfeeding cover, a baby carrier, wet bag to store soiled clothes in, and a water bottle for mama to stay hydrated! I’m so thirsty these days and I blame breastfeeding! Sometimes it’s a water bottle for my two year old.


Unless I’m out, my little guy is exclusively breastfed right now buuuut if your baby takes a bottle, this exterior insulated pocket is so handy and fits a bottle perfectly! It would be convenient if my husband took baby out on his own.


Then the front exterior pocket is super useful for things you need fast like your phone, keys, and debit card. When Bella is with me, this pocket is full of her favourite snacks. Somehow she ALWAYS needs a snack as soon as we are about to leave the house so I keep the bag stocked up.


The backpack also has an open pocket at the back, perfect for a magazine or all those handouts they give you at the hospital / doctor’s office. Another feature I like about this bag is the top grip handle which is a must have- my Fawn Design diaper bag is lacking this and you just don’t know how necessary it is until you don’t have one! The Axis also has ‘D’ shaped rings on each side of the handle, so it can be attached to the stroller (with separate valet stroller clips).

And that pretty much sums up what I carry on my back each and everyday. With the addition of my wallet. Which I’m in the market for a new one- any recommendations? Oh ya, and In the summer, you can add in sunscreen and bug spray! Am I missing anything major?

Xo Kk