What's in my Hospital Bag

As I’ve mentioned before, the reoccurring theme of this pregnancy seems to be leaving everything to the last minute, so goes packing my hospital bag! Last week I had a little scare with a spike in high blood pressure, causing me to spend the night in the hospital. Not knowing if I would be induced, I frantically ran around our house trying to throw things into a bag. I had almost everything I needed but none of the newly purchased items were washed (oops). Being in a panic, of course I forgot to pack a few things. But that was the trial run… now I’m prepared for the real thing! Plus, during my stay, I realized there were a few things I wouldn’t have thought to pack otherwise- so there’s the silver lining. Keep reading to find out what’s in my hospital bag.

For Mama’s Comfort


These are a couple of things I wouldn’t have thought to include, had I not spent the night last week.

Pillow & Blanket- My room was freezing, and all they gave me were two sheets, no blankets! And a floppy pillow. I know it’s not the Ritz Carlton, but I might as well make my stay as comfortable as possible.

Cozy Socks or Slippers- Going along with the cold room situation, a pair of cozy socks or slippers is a nice little luxury. With my previous birth, I brought along a pair of older slippers and then just disposed of them after my stay.

Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs- These are especially relevant if you are sharing a room, which I was. My roommate stayed up later than I would have liked, keeping her light on. A sleep mask would have been so helpful. Same goes for the ear plugs- pregnant women sure can snore (myself included, according to my husband).

Headphones & Phone Charger- Totally necessary. An extra long phone cable would be even better. You and your partner will have some down time before the baby comes, and will obviously be busy sharing the news with family/friends via your phone after baby arrives as well! If you really wanted to be prepared, an extra battery pack would be super convenient. Headphones are another necessity when sharing a room, so you don’t disrupt them while FaceTiming!

For Baby’s Comfort


To be honest, baby’s don’t really need much in the hospital! The hospital supplies diapers and wipes.

Swaddle Blankets- One or two muslin swaddle blankets are nice to have. This one is from Little Unicorn. The hospital also has baby blankets so don’t sweat it if you forget one!

Sleeper & Hat- One or two newborn size sleepers might also be handy. Hands down my favourite sleepers are by L’oved Baby from Choto Baby. I love all the neutral colours, soft organic fabrics, and slim fit of the sleepers. The matching cute caps are also an adorable accessory.

Self Care


Cut to the part after you pop that baby out, it’s time to celebrate!

Champagne- It’s been 9 long months being sober ;), and bringing a precious new baby into this world is definitely reason to celebrate! So I’ll be packing this bottle of Dom we’ve been saving, along with a few plastic champagne flutes to cheers with our visitors.

Skincare- I plan on keeping my sometimes extensive skincare routine, relatively simple in the hospital. If I’m not feeling up to getting up out of bed and washing my face, these Kaia Naturals Bamboo Cleansing Cloths from Holly Decker Makeup Artistry are my lifesaver. They are all natural, smell amazing, and get the job done. I’ll follow up with a spritz of this Coconut Rose Toner by Kopari, apply some of my F.A.B. Ultra Repair Moisturizer, and call it a day (or night).

Haircare- Holly Decker also carries the Kaia Naturals, amazing Overnight Dry Shampoo, which I love. I typically only wash my hair twice per week, so I’ll most likely rely on dry shampoo in the hospital. Other than dry shampoo, I’ll just bring a few scrunchies and a brush! I’m getting my hair done by Kassy at Guide Salon shortly before I’m due, and with her color magic and help from Philocaly extensions, that should be all I need!

Makeup- I have my basics packed and it’s not much. Although I love a full face, I don’t think the hospital is the place to rock it. I have my Tarte Shape Tape Concealer & Blush , Beauty Blender, MAC bronzer & eye brow pencil, IT Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara, and F.A.B. lip moisturizer. This is all I need for a 5 minute face and viola, I’ll be ready for my ‘Fresh 48’ Photos with Desiree Martin Photography.

Breastfeeding Essentials


Pyjamas & Robe- I think I mostly wore a hospital gown, rather than my own pyjamas last time around but I packed a pair this time. This crocheted nursing/delivery robe from Pink Blush will be perfect to throw on for extra warmth, to cover up, or for photos.

Nursing Pillow- This makes life a lot easier for you and baby in the early days of breastfeeding. I am seriously obsessed with this Posh n Plush nursing pillow from Choto Baby. I have never felt anything softer or cushier. The minky cover is everything and matches the nursery perfectly. It comes in a plastic travel bag which is perfect for transporting to and from the hospital.

Nursing Bra & Nipple Cream- I packed a comfortable nursing bralette from H & M, although I remember the nurses telling me last time to keep my bubbies out in the open so they can heal in the fresh air. I also packed this Matter Company Nipple Creme from Cravings. I might not need it, but better safe than sorry. I cringe when I remember the initial pain that comes with a tiny human sucking the life out of you, via your nips.

Water Bottle & Lactation Tea- The key to making your milk come in, is drinking and eating (and sleeping)! So having a large water bottle or two in your room is super handy. That way you don’t have to keep refilling the hospital cups. There are lots of lactation aids that are meant to help establish your milk, such as snacks and tea, so I think it doesn’t hurt to keep some on hand!

Baby’s Take Home/Announcement Outfit


Letterboard- Or whatever you want to bring for an announcement photo! A letter board or light box are popular options. I’ve also seen a name tag as another cute idea. If you don’t want to pack something extra, there are tons of apps for that :)

Takehome Outfit- The outfit you want to bring to bring your bebe home in! I ordered this cute mint set from Kiwi & Fern on Etsy. With the fall chill in the air, I added this cozy classic cardigan from The Gap. And to top it off, these to die for baby oxfords by Sweet & Swag. Do you die? A warmer blanket may also be necessary, depending on the season!

Mom’s Home Outfit- Not included in the photo, but that I will have in my bag is the outfit I will be wearing when we leave the hospital. Most likely, it will be my Smash & Tess Romper and a cardigan. Cozy and comfortable.

There you have it! Does it seem like a lot? Am I missing anything? What did you pack that you didn’t use? What did you forget?

Xo Kk